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Okay, bear with me, this might be a little long but if you’re new to renovating it will be worth it. I've never renovated before and was having a hard time figuring out how to start my new kitchen. I found Madona and Tony online at Houzz and after reading the reviews booked a meeting with them, hired them. Tonys' enthusiasm is so contagious and you can immediately see Madona‘s professionalism as her eyes scan the room you’re renovating as you speak with her - she’s always working on something and has impeccable taste! I knew from the moment she and I walked through Home Depot with her that I'd made the right choice. As well, Tonys team is unbelievable at their work. Madona and Tony have gone above and beyond for my son and I, saving me money in countless little ways which all adds up. The reno's almost complete, but I haven’t really felt like I’ve been working with a designer and contractor. I really feel like I’ve been working more with extended family. I highly, highly, highly recommend Madd designs. I will add before and after photos later!