Amanda Northcott

Author: Mock Webware |

We are really happy with the end product of our kitchen reno and living room redesign with Madona. Madona is professional, detail-oriented and talented. What I was most impressed by was her ability to pick up on my style and needs and tailor the design and finishes to it so that the end product is something we love and is liveable for us. For us that meant something that looked good but was also practical for a chef and lots of small children and dogs in the house. Madona worked with us to choose our finishes, giving advice and suggestions as we went. Shes not afraid to give her opinion but was always respectful when I had something else in mind. She was always open to a ‘does this work?’ text when I was shopping and also went shopping with us a few times. Madona made suggestions as to which companies to use for the renos which was also really appreciated. Once the design is completed by Madona, you work with the companies you have chosen to implement (kitchen, electric, plumbing, furniture etc), which takes some project management but Madona and is there and is a good advocate/inside business person if something goes off track. Overall we are really happy like we said and would use Madona again if we had another reno or re-design to do!