Myrna Melendez

Author: Mock Webware |

I came across Mad Design Interiors while browsing online. Honestly, hiring a designer was only a dream. Then I saw their affordable home assessment fee and I made an appointment.

Madona, the designer, came to my house with Tony, the contractor…they walked around the house, took notes and measurements and then we talked about what I wanted.

Madona and her team took care of everything I needed, we even went shopping a few times to select cabinets, countertops, vanities and anything else in between. Once I approved the design, the renovation started. Tony’s team worked efficiently and flawlessly.

Now I know that hiring a designer is a dream that can be achieved, they not only draw the design, they overlook every detail, every step of the way. No contractor nightmares, no surprises, peace of mind.

Thank you Mad Design Interiors for helping me make my dream home a reality!