Outdoor tips for a cosier summer

Author: Mad Design Interiors |

Outdoor Tips For A Cosier Summer by Mad Design Interiors

While the COVID restrictions seem to be lifted soon, many of us will be holding back on tropical vacations for a little longer. Having a comfortable and functional outdoor space is essential for a fun summer! Whether you are hosting some company, soaking in the sun, or winding down after a busy day, your outdoor space should be perfected to tailor all of your needs. Here are my 7 tips in making minor changes that will give you major results on your backyard or deck space this summer. 


Opt for Natural Materials

For many years now, synthetic materials such as plastic have taken over the outdoor furniture market. Since environmental awareness has stepped into the forefront of our lives, natural materials have become increasingly popular in the decor sector. Begin by introducing objects made with wood, organic cotton, jute, and bamboo to make your outdoor space harmonize with the nature around you. Natural materials contrast well with the stone and wood often found in our backyards, and they blend perfectly with the surrounding nature. You can introduce such materials in your couch, accent chair, table, rug, and even planters! Terracotta planters are a great way of adding natural touches to your outdoor space. 


Use Warm and Earthy tones

Warm and earthy tones are the new trend, whether for indoor or outdoor decor, and they are here to stay! Introducing furniture with tones such as brown, taupe, olive green, mustard yellow, and dusty red is the perfect way to create a contemporary and welcoming environment in your backyard. You can also feel free to mix in some fun patterns to add more character and uniqueness to the space. 


Accentuate your Space with Lighting

While the outdoors are lovely during the day, you want to make sure that your space can also be functional in the evening! Lighting is a great way to create a warm yet fun space for you and your guests to enjoy throughout the night. You can add string lights, lanterns, and floor lamps with warm bulbs to lighten up your backyard (literally)! The mix in different lighting sources as well as the variety in their placement will help create your ideal cozy ambiance.


Plants, plants, plants!

When you think of the outdoors, you think of plants… right? So make sure to have lots of them in your own backyard! Whether you have the space for a garden, hanging plants, or planters on the ground, the greenery you introduce is essential in making your outdoor space outdoorsy. If your space is smaller, consider adding a vertical garden, which is both beautiful and efficient. Native plants may be a great option as well since they benefit both the environment and the local wildlife. Canada lily or meadow lily might be a great option if you live in Nova Scotia.


Add some Black Accents

Indoor, outdoor, and everywhere… black accents are in! Not only do they add a great sense of contemporariness to your space, but also they contrast very well with the surrounding natural materials and greenery. Whether it is in a planter, in the pillows, or in the metal details, black accents is an easy way to make your outdoor space pop.


Fire Warmth

One way to get the best use out of your backyard is to prolong your ability to use it during the days and into the fall night. A fire pit or a heat lamp is a great investment to elongate the time that you can spend outside with your loved ones. Nothing can beat a cozy summer night outside!