Home Design tips to beat the pandemic blahs

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Home Design Tips To Beat The Pandemic Blahs by Mad Design Interiors

It has been about a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and we have all spent a lot of time at home. In that time, our spaces have served as everything from offices to oases. And that has posed some challenges. Not just in ensuring our spaces accommodate our day-to-day needs but also in maintaining our sense of happiness and home.


After all, when you spend a lot of time in a space, it can start to look a little too familiar and a little dull, which can affect your well-being. Given the year we have lived through, changing up your interior design is a good idea. It can re-energize and refresh your space and your spirit, restoring your sense of calm, contentment, and mental wellness.


If you are looking at your space and it is not feeling like an oasis to you, there are several quick and inexpensive interior design changes you can make that will bring you joy. To have a look at some of my recent home renovations and flips, please click here


For example, a little paint can make a huge difference. Consider bright colours, which help brighten your space and make it look roomier and more relaxing, or dark colours if you want a more cozy and dramatic effect. 


You could rearrange your furniture to enhance the spaciousness and functionality of your home. For example, you don’t have to place your couch right by a wall. Instead, try positioning it so that you create a more conversational or functional layout. Or position it in such a way that it becomes the focal point of your room. 


If clutter has been building up due to renovations or new purchases during the pandemic, add a few cabinets to clear it away and make your space more expansive and inviting. 


Accent colours also help you to personalize a room, or re-energize it, depending on what you chose and how you use it. For example, if you are a very active person and want something that makes you feel calm and centred, avoid red as your accent colour because it can ramp up your energy. You could also look at swap out tired light fixtures or furniture pieces to refresh and enliven your space. Even one or two new pieces, carefully chosen, can change the whole feel of a room, not to mention a few accessories, which can make any space feel more liveable and appealing.


If the little changes won’t do, consider a top-to-bottom interior design makeover to achieve a new look that is more open, functional, and in keeping with your personal style. That might sound overwhelming, but if you hire the right interior designer, you can make the process more efficient and affordable, not to mention more fun. 


In the end, there are many ways you can refresh your home or a room to beat the pandemic blahs. Whether you try one or many, the time is right to treat yourself to a few changes that brighten your space and your spirits.