Looking good: six ways to find the right Home designer

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Looking Good, Six Ways To Find The Right Home Designer

Recently, I received some really good news. I won a customer service award from Houzz, an online service that connects home buyers and owners with Home designers, architects, and contractors.

The award is given to a small number of Home designers each year, so it was quite an honour for me. But it also got me thinking about the importance of customer service in bringing your vision to life. With that in mind, I thought I’d share six tips when it comes time to select the person you work with to design or refresh your space.

Ask your Home designer for references. What other clients say will give you a good idea of what you can expect, not just how they will work with you but also what they will create.

Remember that the look you want to achieve starts with you. Your Home designer should be a good listener and communicate with you at each step to ensure that the space they create perfectly captures your personality, taste, and lifestyle.

Although the look of your space starts with you, your Home designer should show you how all your ideas will come together. That could be sample boards or computer simulations, but they should be able to give you an idea of how your space will look so you know if the reality will match your dreams.

Sometimes, designs can be challenging to achieve due to pricing, changing trends, even space limitations. A really good Home designer will have experience in resolving these issues, and the ability to suggest bold ideas you may not have thought of to capture the look you want.

Any space can quickly become cluttered with items that are eye-catching but are not functional or do not work well together. Your Home designer should not only have a strong sense of how to pull your ideas together but also how to furnish and accessorize a room so that it feels warm, attractive, and spacious.

Expenses add up when designing or reimagining a room or a home. Your Home designer should always keep your budget in mind. Ask for their advice on how to achieve the look you want without breaking the bank.

Using these tips, you’ll not only find the right expertise to bring your vision to life, you’ll also do it in a way that is affordable and enjoyable. And that means you always know who you can call on when you are ready to change things up again.

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