Common Mistakes People Make When Designing A New Home

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Common Mistakes People Make When Designing A New Home

Visually appealing interiors will have design elements that are the right blend of techniques, ideas, and furnishings. They will also add to the comfort and functionality of your home. But as a homeowner, designing your new home from scratch can be a difficult task. And designs that might look good on paper don’t always translate into something that works. To help you, Mad Design Interiors has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when designing a new home.

Going by trends
Many homeowners follow trends they see in magazines or on social media. But trends change, and you’ll be living in your house for many years with the same design. Instead, make your home a reflection of your personality, preferences, and the colours and style you favour.

Combining many styles
You may want to have different styles in your new home. But this leads to a mixture, without any focal point or harmony. A better approach is to pick one style you really like and choose design elements based on that.

Overemphasis on looks or comfort
It is easy to order a lot of pieces online based on look without any sense as to how they will combine to give you comfort. Or you might think about comfort and later discover that you don’t like the look you’ve created. Try picking design elements that reflect your style and colour preferences, and then see if they deliver the comfort you want.

DIY interior design
You may think that doing interior design for your home can save money. But you could make decisions that ruin the look or feel of a room, resulting in something too sparse or too cluttered. Start with a floor plan with dimensions and furniture placements so you can see the room’s proper flow and functionality.

Overthinking it
You may want to put every item you treasure in your new home. That could include inherited pieces from your grandparents, contemporary items you saw online, and furniture from a previous place. But that can be a recipe for chaos. A better approach to designing your home is ‘less is more.’ Focus on what you really love or can use. It can make any room look bigger, more elegant, and more inviting

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